How Adult Tube Websites Make Money

Most of us love adult tube websites & don’t realize it. At some point or another, most of us have probably seen content on Pornhub or XVideos. We are all adults here, its okay to admit it – we know there is tons of money here. When watching, many webmasters wonder how they can have that type of website. What are the server requirements? How much time does it take to completely run one? Can I make some serious money on it?

Today’s post will answer all of those questions & then some. In this post, we are going to talk about how & why the adult tube websites can be & are incredibly profitable.

But first, we talk about the keys to operating one effectively.

What Are Adult Tube Websites?

The idea of the “tube” was made popular when YouTube came out years ago. Tubes in the tech sense means going to a website to watch a collection of videos.

As with most things, the adult industry was able to take that idea to the next level & in 2007, Pornhub & XVideos were created. These websites were able to essenially eliminate the idea of getting magazines or buying/renting videos from stores.

With smartphones coming into play more & more, people could keep their watching habits more private via watching adult porn on their mobile devices and their laptop computers. Most importantly, the websites were free to use, completely changing the game.

While many people over the years have debated the ethical nature of adult tube websites, it has helped get more adult stars fame & notoriety that they never had before. Many adult performers, because of the massive mainstream popularity of the pages, have been able to go on to acting careers & other careers in media. They are able to draw a strong following on social media due to people being incredibly familiar with their work.


Adult Tube Websites Run Best On Niches

Google has told webmasters for years that websites should run on a particular niche. Most of us don’t have the resources to have websites like Amazon, Ebay, Pornhub, XVideos or other general brands. The adult porn industry has heard that idea as well as any industry & made it easy for people to get in.

Most people when they watch adult content have a passion for a certain type of content. If its lesbian, gay, straight or something deeper in those areas, they are passionate about that niche. They know the adult stars involved in the niche & make sure to subscribe to their work.

When trying to run a website in a general format, the resources needed to be successful are much more expensive. Furthermore, it will be harder to rank among top the first two or three pages in search engines.

However, when running a site on a niche, even if its a popular niche, it will be popular to generate original content on the niche. Even though adult tube websites are popular, they still need original content in a blog form, something we will touch on down the line. Just know that consistent original content = high rankings.

Making Money On Adult Tube Websites

Of course, the big reason anyone gets into the adult business is to make money. Not just good money, but great money. Many of the top websites in the world can not match the amount of money & traffic that a great adult site can bring in.

Make no mistake, there is a market for every adult niche. When trying to market a niche site out to people, there are a few million people that will be looking for the exact niche that your tube website markets to.

You may think that your far out fetish might be something that only you are into. Believe us, there are more people that are into as many wild things as you are. Most times, many adult porn fans can go deeper into a specific niche than most can imagine.

This is where the money part comes in. The more you are able to optimize that special niche, the better the opportunity it will rank high in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex & in social media search engines. Getting a website to #1 means instant traffic, meaning better advertising dollars & opportunities for a website.

Where To Put Ads On An Adult Tube Website

Ad placement is crucial to an adult tube website. The idea of ads is to put them in areas where will need to go to click on the videos. This is called improving the overall click-through rate (CTR). An ad area with a great CTR brings in more money to a webmaster for that adzone.

There are several different adzones on most tube websites & different sizes. The popular sizes include:

  • 728 x 90 (horizontal)
  • 300 x 250 (square)
  • 468 x 60 (horizontal)
  • 150 x 150 (square)
  • 200 x 200 (square)
  • 160 x 600 (vertical)

Most times, the place that gets the highest CTR is the ad area on top of videos. The ad plays before a viewer clicks on the video to watch. Many of the top ad companies can make custom ads to fit the niche of the website.

For example, if the website is an interracial niche, the ads will most likely be centered around interrcial ads. The likelyhood that people will click on ads that pertain to the niche are much higher than regular, more generalized adult ads.

Memberships of Adult Tube Websites

Some websites – particularly Pornhub – offer paid memberships to their websites. The websites promise the ability to watch full movies & other premium features for a monthly rate.

For most people, however, the average person won’t pay the membership rates for websites. There are more than enough that will, but because so many adult videos are free on tubes. Many people can get just as much enjoyment watching an 8-15 minute video as they would a 60-minute video.

Another big key to membership sites is having massive server space. WordPress & other CMS solutions have warned against uploading direct videos to servers, and for good reasons. Videos on servers directly significantly slows down processes & speed of website. The speed of your server & website greatly influence the SEO on any website, not to mention an adult tube website.

The team at Adult SEO & Web Design does not handle direct videos on servers, only embeds. Embedded files are great because the main resources – bandwidth – are handled by the major companies. That means easy work for the regular webmaster & the ease of being able to have many videos on a website without higher server costs.

At the end of the day, where we are in terms of membership for adult tube sites, probably best to stay away from that monetary option.

Can I Retire On An Adult Tube Website?

Yes, with strong, white-hat SEO. While ads don’t pay out the best as compared to Google Adsense or other mainstream companies, the adult industry has ways to make up for that.

Adult websites will get far more & better converting traffic than many Adsense websites. The people are far more engaged with the ads on the page & will get strong ad views & clicks, as long as the website is popular. The stronger the website & the better the white-hat adult SEO methods, the better the chance of having an adult site that will make money for years to come.

This part of the adult website marketing goes into the Adult SEO part of running a tube website, which we will tackle in our next post.


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